Altaya Caravan Assomption – Circus Pinder Caravano




  • This model is made from diecast and plastic.
  • It is from a magazine promotion.

A circus company that began in 1854. Cirque Pinder, was already famous by the turn of 20th century.  Today even after exchanging hands four times, this brand has such a strong presence that the show still goes on.

Several of her tent designs were unique and so were her vehicles.

French coachbuilder Marcel Assomption was known to make large campers for travelling families or troupes.  In 1955, the firm was approached by the famous circus firm Pinder to make 3 large-sized campers for their travelling troupe.

In the district of Rennes where the factory was located, Marcel Assomption makes the first camper for their Publicity Manager Rene Bonnin.  It takes one year to construct this camper. Another two campers were constructed and delivered to the circus firm in the months of July & September of 1957.  Inside all the campers were a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, shower, toilet and a small meeting room.


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