Milliput Silver Grey


1.134g ( 4oz)


For the restoration of porcelain and other ceramics.  For the repair of antiques, objects d’art, picture moulding etc, for sculpting and modelling.

  • Modelling mistakes, joins and cracks can be touched up and concealed using 2-Part Self Hardening Epoxy Putty, Silver/Grey, Medium
  • Milliput is a versatile putty which adheres to and will seal or bond ceramics, wood, plastics, glass, metals, cement, etc.
  • Milliput can be sculpted and when set can be turned , sawn, drilled, tapped, filed, sandpapered, painted or cellulose sprayed.
  • Millip is very responsive to water and when sculpting and modelling the use of water with scalpels, wire tools probes, engraving tools, soft brushes and cloths, etc., is strongly recommended.


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