Oxford Billy Smarts Land Rover Hard Top Speakers


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Oxford Billy Smarts Land Rover Series II Hard Top Speakers

Scale 1:76

Oxford Diecast 76LAN2003

The Series II Land Rover was introduced in 1958 and was manufactured until 1961, when it was replaced by the IIA. Whereas the Series I had flat sides, the Series II can immediately be identified with the rounded side panels, which allowed for the wider track of the vehicle. Coming in Short and Long Wheelbases with numerous body combinations including fixed roofs, canvas roofs, open tops, station wagons etc.

Oxford’s new Billy Smarts Circus model is based on one assigned to their Road Sign Department and registered YBL 756. Modelled on the recently introduced Series II Land Rover, note the detailed radiator grille in silver on matt black, complete with Land Rover badge. A modification to the tooling adds two speakers to the roof in silver. The main bodywork is orange and yellow with blue and red/black dropped shadow printing.

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