Oxford Mercedes Dublin Fire Brigade Ambulance




To celebrate 120 years of The Emergency Ambulance Service a 1:76 diecast Dublin Fire Brigade Ambulance has been commissioned.

This is a limited edition model suitable for the adult collector.

This model is produced by Oxford Diecast for Brian Collins Enterprises.

  • Dublin Fire Brigade has provided the citizens of Dublin City and County a professional emergency fire service since 1862.  This service was enhanced in 1898 by the addition of a professional emergency ambulance service.   The first ever ambulance deployment was in the early hours of the 5th January 1899, a trawler, the Curlew, was fishing about twenty five miles north east of Rockabill lighthouse when a serious accident occurred and made its way to Sir John Rogerson’s Quay from where two injured fishermen were brought to hospital.
  • Since then Dublin Fire Brigade and its ambulance service have been intertwined with the historic fabric of the events which have shaped Dublin.   In those 120 years the resources have improved from the original horse-drawn ambulances to the modern and well-equipped emergency ambulance vehicles seen today.   The original concept of ambulance support was to provide basic first aid.  However today’s Firefighter-Paramedics and Advanced Paramedics are trained to carry out life-saving interventions on scene and patient stabilisation, prior to and during transport to hospital.
  • This Mercedes Ambulance is as used by the Dublin Fire Service, registered 181-D-11408 and is decorated in the contemporary yellow and red ambulance colour scheme.
  • The chassis and interior are both black.
  • The authentic Ambulance lettering is also faithfully replicated, even down to the detailed crest on the front of the bonnet.


  • This model has been produced in conjunction with ‘Dublin Fire Brigade’ who have kindly agreed to reproduction of their logo / livery.





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