Warhammer Quest – Blackstone Fortress


  • The game can be played solo, or with up to 4 friends, with the fifth player controlling the hostiles.
  • Included in the box:Miniatures44 push-fit Citadel miniatures are included in Blackstone Fortress, each supplied on pre-coloured plastic sprues:
  • 9 Explorers in red plastic:
  • 35 Hostiles in grey plastic:

The box contains 5 booklets full of rules, background and construction guides for the miniatures:
– A 16-page Rules bookle
– A 16-page Combat booklet
– A 24-page Precipice booklet
– A 24-page Background booklet
– A 16-page booklet of datasheets

Gaming Content
The box also contains everything you need to set up and play a game of Blackstone Fortress, including:

– 40 double-sided board tiles to create the internal labyrinths of the Blackstone Fortress;
– 234 gaming cards;
– 9 Stasis Chambers – safe places for characters to rest between explorations;
– A Databank and a Hidden Vault;
– 70 markers;
– 28 dice.


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